Cosmopolitan Protection Services Pty Ltd.

Our security specialists have covered some of the country’s most complex event and function deployments and our management team have ample experience participating in events that require hundreds of on-site officers.

Our team is responsible for designing operational deployment plans for large and small events. We provide options for uniformed, corporate, and plain-clothed officers as needed.
All deployments stay connected via radio or digital communication, with operations managers on-ground.

Over the years, we have provided services for significant events including the Sydney 2000 Olympics.

Controlling Crowd Behaviour

We utilise body cameras to record on-ground activities. We also place bollards and employ other crowd management strategies according to the nature of the event. This allows us to maintain large gatherings better and prevent hostile crowds.

Police and Interested Party Liaison

Whenever possible, we liaise with clients and local police to garner intelligence that can help us provide higher levels of security.

Our Deployment Staff

Our deployment staff are fully accredited and licensed security officers from Level 1 to Level 5 with current first aid training in numbers as required by each event brief. Our recruitment and selection process ensures that only trained officers with the necessary literacy and numeracy skills make it to the field.

Event Training

In addition to our guard training program, we work closely with clients to develop specific event training modules. This training can be integrated into our online training system. This ensures that all officers are pre-trained and well-versed in site-specific protocols.

Security officers are professionally trained in:

  • Crowd control management
  • Traffic management
  • Ingress and egress point control
  • Bag checking
  • Prohibited articles
  • Contraband, drug, and alcohol intoxication observation
  • RSA
  • Managing lost property and missing persons
  • Emergency services
  • Liaisons
  • Radio communication

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