Cosmopolitan Protection Services Pty Ltd.

We embrace technology and innovation as a way to improve our service efficiency, minimise risks and enhance customer satisfaction. Our Innovation and Technology Leadership Group enables business operatives, specialist consultants, and external parties to explore emerging solutions. These cutting-edge technologies often deliver better outcomes for stakeholders and the communities we serve.

We believe that a combination of frequent innovation and access to the best possible equipment is necessary to provide world-class security services. Below are some of the inventive solutions we employ at Cosmopolitan Protection Services to improve efficiency for our customers.

Electronic Patrol Management System

Our electronic patrol management system accurately records arrival and departure times as well as hours spent on-site.
The user-friendly system can be programmed to customise on-site patrol and security management processes.

Personal Duress Alarms

We provide duress alarms and personal tracking devices for individuals in need.

Body Cameras

Our body camera systems protect personnel under high-risk circumstances while preventing antisocial behaviour. Our experience shows that persons who know they are being monitored temper their behaviour, allowing our specialists to de-escalate the conflict.

Operational Monitoring Technology

Cosmopolitan Protection Services utilises the same advanced rostering platform used by leading organisations like Qantas and NASA, ensuring on-time deployment of our workforce. Our systems include precision timekeeping and geo-location that allow managers to monitor on-site employees. We can relay specific instructions to field officers through these systems while providing casual staff with site-specific tasking. In addition, our time-in and time-out capabilities allow us to monitor the need for replacements, if necessary. Our system sends live operational data to field guards in times of crisis, enabling us to direct multiple officers to specific locations with pinpoint accuracy. As such, we can manage lockdowns, natural disasters, and other emerging incidents quickly.

Welfare Checks

We undertake regular checks on lone workers operating in challenging environments as part of our commitment to safety and welfare. Routine calls are made to ensure all officers are accounted for and meet deployment requirements.

Are you using technology to improve efficiency and minimise your risk?

Cosmopolitan Protection Services will mitigate your risk and boost your operational efficiencies with almost three decades of security knowledge.

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