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Our History

Our name became synonymous with ‘Rapid Response’ and it wasn’t long before the owners of office towers, factories, councils, churches, even boats and private residences called on “Cosmo Security” to protect their assets.

Our proud history as a reliable service provider continues today and with a subtle name change to Cosmopolitan Protection Services Pty Ltd, we have signalled to the market that we provide broader risk services rather than just physical security.

In addition to our physical security services we now offer reliable front desk first contact personnel, event security, risk management and business resilience consulting as well as electronic security design and construction. We are now able to offer those services Australia-wide within our network.

Our new brand, C4 Security, links our past to our future, and is an easily identifiable icon for our guarding force & mobile patrol fleet when needed most.

Our long and permanent presence in the communities in which we work gives us a clear understanding of the commercial, residential and social risk environment that other security companies can only speculate over.

As a trusted name in local security services, our proud history of delivering services to over 3,500 business and individual clients is a testament to our proven ability.

We have always held a deep relationship with the community in which we work and hold proud our associations which includes protecting commercial and public infrastructure.

We have been delivering security for so many years we recall a time before computers and the internet, a time when service was delivered by people. We haven’t forgotten those years; including our service to the Sydney 2000 Olympics where we forged our ability to protect critical infrastructure.

Today Cosmopolitan Protection Services is a modern vibrant security company delivering our same personal local service but now with big business capability. We’ve worked hard to improve our systems, processes and service delivery.

Proudly Australian Owned & Operated

As one of the few Australian owned security companies that have operated for  as long as we have, it is our responsibility to reinvest in Australia for Australians through involvement in community programmes that drive out fear and build a sense of security, harmony and cohesiveness so all Australians may proper.

We hope for a time when our protective security services are no longer required to manage anti-social and unlawful human behaviour.

When you need Security Officers or Customer Service professionals with the breadth of experience suitable to your industry and adaptable service depending on your requirements, you need Cosmopolitan Protection Services. Call today on 1300 626 766 or
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With over 35 years of experience,
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